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Learn localization step by step

Localization is hard. Product managers are not born specialized linguists. We understand. That's why we have put together a 53-page eBook The Essential Guide to App Localization to make your life easier. 

In this eBook, we’re going to take you through the whole process. We’ll explain the details of a successful localization project, step by step—from planning to implementation. We’ll also go into how you, as a product manager, can ensure the highest-quality localization and how to monitor the impacts of localization.

What you will learn in this eBook:

  • How to identify promising markets, choose target languages, and select the optimal translation approach for your particular needs
  • How to code your app so that it’s compatible with localization, and how to prepare reference material for translators
  • Some tips for you to smoothen the translation process and improve the quality at the same time
  • How to plug the translations to your app, and test drive the localization before the launch. It’s necessary step to ensure that everything works fine

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