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      • French is the 4th most spoken mother tongue in the European Union: nearly 300 million people who speak French as their native language or second language, and 29 countries have French as a national language. 
      • The major French-speaking markets include: France (of course), Belgium, Monaco, the Middle East, Canada and the United States.
      • In 2011, French is ranked the 3rd most useful language for business on Bloomberg Businessweek, after English and Mandarin Chinese. 

How OneSky Can Help you

We made translation easy

OneSky offers simple, on-demand language solutions to our clients.

We're not simply a traditional translation company. We make translation as simple as Uber in transport. 

With OneSky's online translation platform, you can order up to 50 languages – not just French, but any other markets you're interested in.For French translation, we have professional, native-speaker translators who can translate your content into Neutral French, Belgian French, Swiss French, Canadian French, Lebanese French and many more.

Qualified translators

We don't just do background check on translator candidates – we also conduct internal testing, plus a panel review. Only truly native professionals can join our team.

Quick turnaround, easy communication

Once you place the order, our platform will assign a translator that best fits your project based on track record and experience. 

Project starts and translators will make direct contact with you via our online platform if they have any questions or clarifications about your project. 

ISO 9001:2008 certified

We're ISO 9001:2008 certified. We constantly hone our processes, maintaining our commitment to the ongoing improvement of OneSky's language services.

Compatible with 30+ file formats

We support more than 30+ file formats, from Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx) to technical content (.stringsdict or .json). Check this link for more information.


Our English to French translation per word pricing starts at USD0.10 per word. No minimum order required. Learn more.

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"When translating QuizUp to 5 new languages, we used OneSky translation service with great results! They were extremely helpful and quick at resolving any issues that came up."

- Guðfinnur Sveinsson, Head of QA, Plain Vanilla Games


"From the day we started using OneSky, the support was amazing. We were assigned an account manager. When we found a technical difficulty one day, we got a same–day response from their engineer." 

- Doug Banks, Director of EdmodoApps, Edmodo